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We want to be your top choice in Birmingham, AL local electrical companies for years to come, and we are willing to work hard to earn your business! Give the friendly, knowledgeable S & S staff a call today at (205) 446-0221.

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to Birmingham local electrical companies which is why we add a personal touch to everything we do. Our team has years of experience working for big corporate electrical companies, but we disliked their sell-sell-sell mentality. So, we decided to do things differently. Customer care is as much a priority as quality products and services. We want to create a customer for life and for you to refer your friends and family to us out of trust and loyalty.


With internet tutorials, almost anyone can connect a light fixture. However, understanding why that light fixture is working or what to do if it doesn’t, is the reason professionals like us exist. Allow us to take the guesswork out of maintaining, repairing, and making upgrades to your home’s electrical system. Our technicians are trained to understand how electricity behaves in order to safely make repairs and renovations. They are required to attend night classes where they learn about wiring methods and obtain their OSHA 10 certification. Our technicians spend years of on-the-job training under experienced journeyman electricians before managing their own projects.

Electrical Emergency?

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Diagnostic services are based on a flat, hourly rate. Should your need extend beyond a basic repair, the diagnostic charge will roll into the overall cost of goods and services.

Indoor Lighting

Our indoor lighting charges are based on the complexity of the light installation and the height of the ceiling for which the light fixture will be installed.

Outdoor Lighting

S & S can help you prepare an outdoor lighting package that’s perfect for your home or business. Charges are based on time and materials.


Ceiling fan installs are very common for electricians. The specialists at S & S will ensure that the mount is properly rated for the weight of the fan and that the fan has no more than a reasonable amount of sway. If your fan has a defect and cannot be properly balanced, it will need to be returned and replaced at the expense of the home or business owner.

Service Upgrade

Upgrading your electrical service will generally involve an electrical inspection. Our team will coordinate permits, inspections, licensing, and the handling of materials. If you schedule a service upgrade, be advised that your home or business will be without power for a minimum of eight hours to complete the work, have it inspected and released by your power company.

Panel Upgrade

Panel upgrades or change-outs are a simple and effective way to add protection to your home or business’ electrical system. If your home has a fuse panel or dated breaker panel that is no longer manufactured, it’s likely time for an upgrade.

Commercial Wiring

S & S Electrical Services is dedicated to maintaining professional business relationships with its clients. Our office will provide the necessary forms of reference and proofs that your company requires for hiring contractors.

New Construction Wiring

New construction projects are based on square footage of the home, panel & service location, and number/difficulty of drops. Essentially, we base our square footage price on the cost of doing business. We have seen many contractors in the past few years neglect to adjust their pricing for rising inflation. Most commonly, the cheaper electricians cannot finish the work. Call us to avoid the hassle. You’ll get an up-front estimate that only changes if the scope of work changes.

Surge Protection

Whole home surge protection has gained traction in the last few years, especially as AHJs began moving to the 2020 National Electrical Code wherein a Main Panel Surge Protector is required. This type of surge protection is designed to guard your sensitive electronics against increases or decreases in voltage. These devices are typically ranged and cannot protect from surges in power caused by lightning. However, most surge protection devices share a manufacturer’s warranty which acts as an additional insurance should your home sustain damage. Our technician will gladly explain the benefits of surge protection and help you choose a system based on your needs.

AFCI/GFCI Protection

Arc Fault and Ground Fault protection devices have advanced a great deal in the last few years. Now, electricians have the technology available to install better protection throughout your home or business at its source of power. The additional protection comes at an additional cost, but one that far outweighs the potential scenarios of not having these devices properly installed.

Smoke & Fire Alarm Systems

Smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors are an essential function of a home’s electrical system. Hardwired, interconnected smoke detectors that have a sealed battery for backup power have the highest probability of alerting you if there is a fire in your home. Price for a smoke & fire detection system varies depending on the size of the home and the number of bedrooms. Most commonly, local inspectors require that we bring this up-to-date when we install an electrical service.

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Brad Fisher was our technician and he was amazing! Very friendly and courteous! He was on time and very respectful. If we ever need any other repairs or electrical work done we will definitely request Brad to do it. I will also be spreading the word to all my friends!

April N Weston

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Dekota and his team are great! Very professional and able to do a lot of work in minimal time! Even when the job ends up being more extensive than originally thought! We bought a home and wanted to add some outlets, but ended up needing basically a whole home re-wire and they definitely handled it professionally and quickly! Highly recommend this team for your electrical needs.

Tammy Falcon

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We want to be your top choice in Birmingham local electrical companies for years to come, and we are willing to work hard to earn your business! Give the friendly, knowledgeable S & S staff a call today at (205) 446-0221.


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